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Focus on Nonprofits and Governmental Entities – Our market focus and software solutions are dedicated to the nonprofit community and governmental entities. For nonprofits, we have extensive knowledge of accounting, fundraising, and reporting for nonprofit organizations including restrictions, funding sources, and other operational facets. In working with governmental entities, we offer unmatched expertise in accounting, payroll, and reporting that is NYS compliant and with an emphasis on restrictions, funding sources, and other operational facets.

Project Management – From data conversion to project reporting and management, 20 years of experience has made us accurate and effective implementation specialists. We track all facets of the implementation process and provide reports of tasks with due dates and responsible parties. This ensures that we will achieve the project completion by the date promised.   

Effective Training – We have created a comprehensive training experience where each training session is custom created for your staff and management. We will train you in a particular function just before you go-live in that area, a method far more effective than the traditional “week of training.”’  We train you on your database, not a sample one, with your organizations, chart of accounts, vendors, and reports. Your actual journal vouchers, cash receipts, vendor and customer data, and accounts payable documents are used to produce a valuable training session, maximizing your return on investment.

System Documentation – We provide system documentation which includes your financial report formats, segment structure, database field lengths, support information, processing defaults, and important contact information.  

Team Building – We believe that in order to effectively implement software, a team building approach is essential. This approach documents internal and external contacts and ensures that detailed information is being delivered at the appropriate time. During the implementation process we provide regular project updates that list items completed, not completed, and items that need to be addressed. 

Advisory Capabilities – Our relationship with other professionals can provide integrated services related to utility billing, client billing, hardware, networks, and wiring. Brisbane Consulting Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lumsden & McCormick, LLP, certified public accountants.

Guarantee – We guarantee our work. Our experience in providing and implementing solutions has become the best in the industry. We have performed a thorough analysis to make the least impact on your organization and provide the most benefit. Every piece of the implementation process is tracked and reported back to you.

User Group Meetings – We offer free user group meetings to our clients where you can enhance your knowledge with discussions from industry leaders highlighting best practices and industry trends.

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