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Brisbane Consulting Group and AccuFund have been business partners for more than 10 years; we’re ready to work with your organization to determine how AccuFund may meet your requirements. Together, we will develop a project plan for you and work with you through the implementation of your new AccuFund accounting installation. As a business partner, Brisbane Consulting Group is experienced with nonprofit and government accounting requirements maintaining certification with regular participation in the AccuFund consultant training programs.

Software for Nonprofits

Enhance your organization’s overall financial management, streamline processes and empower your team with AccuFund’s intuitive, nonprofit accounting software. Ideal for any-sized nonprofit, AccuFund offers a wide breadth of modules and works with your organization to create a customized accounting solution that meets your needs. AccuFund is known for its robust reporting capabilities, continuous upgrades/enhancements, and top-rated customer support.   Find the nonprofit accounting solution that’s right for you:

  • On-Premises Accounting Software
  • Cloud Accounting Software
  • Representative Payee Accounting Software
  • Endowment/Foundation Accounting Software
  • Fundraising/CRM

The AccuFund solution includes nonprofit-specific software, experienced industry consultants and on-going consulting support services reduces operating costs and improves overall management efficiency. This top-rated nonprofit financial operations improvement solution is known for its industry-specific functionality, enabling your organization to:

  • Improve transparency and departmental access to data
  • Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution to meet your specific requirements
  • Efficient, accurate financial reporting; easily get the reports you need for internal and external requirements
  • Add-on modules allow you to customize the optimal nonprofit accounting solution for your organization
  • Tight integration decreases manual/repetitive tasks enabling your staff and managers to be strategic thinkers and planners
  • Experienced consultants understand your specific nonprofit accounting software needs and will work with you in tandem before, during and after your investment

Software for Government

Improve the financial management of your municipality, city, town or local government entity with AccuFund Accounting Suite. Add to the core, AccuFund’s government-specific modules such as Utility Billing, Fees, Taxes and Licenses, Work Orders, Building Inspections and Court Fines to help streamline processes, improve financial reporting and save time for local governments.   Find the government accounting solution for your local entity:

  • On-Premise Government Accounting Software
  • Cloud Accounting Software

The AccuFund Government Accounting Suite, available on-premise or cloud, reduces operating costs and improves overall management flexibility. This top-rated governmental financial improvement solution enables your municipality/city/town to:

  • Customize your Municipality's Account structure to produce the reports you need
  • Add-on government modules to expand your capacity to track, manage and report all pertinent areas
  • Improve transparency and departmental access to data for your local government
  • All modules fully integrated eliminating the need for re-keying data from other systems

About AccuFund

AccuFund, Inc. provides scalable accounting/ERP software systems to nonprofit organizations and government agencies. AccuFund uses award-winning financial software, consulting services and industry best practices to help organizations streamline processes, improve efficiency and lower costs. Their nonprofit and government financial solutions are available on-premises or cloud-based. AccuFund’s products are available exclusively through Value Added Resellers (VAR) located throughout the United States including Brisbane Consulting Group serving New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. As a VAR, we provide AccuFund users with software selection, cost-effective onsite training, and installation assistance.


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